//07/06/2016 Is the Amazon Echo the iPhone's biggest threat?

According to recent reports, Amazon Echo could be appearing in the marketplace as the iPhone’s biggest competition in terms of voice recognition capability.

Apple’s Siri App is estimated to receive over a billion requests from over a million locations per week (as of June 2015), and with 20% of Android searches coming from voice commands, the signs are there to show that voice recognition technology is increasing in popularity.

The Amazon Echo is a voice activated speaker and personal assistant; it’s able to integrate with other devices giving it the capability to be used as a ‘smart-home’ controller. In her 2016 annual Internet Trends report, Venture Capitalist Mary Meeker highlighted that sales of the iPhone are slowing, while sales of the Amazon Echo are starting to take off, (as reported in wired.com.) With this comparison, we are lead to the conclusion that perhaps voice recognition technology is going to become more and more popular, and that the iPhone may not be the number one player in the market. 

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