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Providing an antidote to corporate, managed-service recruitment.

Helping candidates and clients to go further, faster

Vivid Resourcing was founded to provide an alternative to faceless recruitment services. Today, we’re an award-winning, multi-million-pound turnover business and one of the fastest growing technology recruitment companies in the world.

Our expertise of the Engineering, Life Science, Public Sector, Energy and Technology markets allows us to supply unrivalled levels of service to candidates and clients through informed consultancy. By fostering long-term relationships with national and global brands, we endeavour to bridge the typical difference between the expectation and reality of recruitment consultancy.

For us, the key to fulfilling this lies in having a genuine technical understanding of our markets, and this is why each consultant at Vivid Resourcing specialises in a specific sector. We believe that this enables us to provide the most comprehensive advice and informed guidance to both our clients and candidates.

While it is combined with our attention to candidate care, employment of intelligent consultants and our unrivalled tenacity, it’s our level of knowledge that truly sets us apart. It’s how we continue to outthink and outperform the kind of corporate, faceless recruitment service we set out to counteract from day one.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading recruitment company, Vivid is committed to maintaining and promoting the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Vivid has a responsibility to its clients, staff and suppliers within both the community it operates and the wider environment. Our corporate policies and actions are designed to reduce our carbon footprint, give back to the community and encourage the protection of the environment.

We feel privileged to make contributions to the third sector via our regular fundraising activities which have helped support charities including Cancer Research, UNICEF, Young Epilepsy and Mind.

The Values of Vivid

  • We are <span>elite</span>

    We are elite

    We crave to be the very best in the market and will not stop until we are. This relentless ambition means we only hire those that share that same hunger and desire to be the best and who won’t settle for less.

  • We are <span>adaptable</span>

    We are adaptable

    We see change as an opportunity to thrive. We have grown because we are open to new ideas and are early adopters of new markets and niches. We are agile and can shift direction at high speed, allowing us to see the next opportunity and leave our competitors far behind.

  • We are <span>independent</span>

    We are independent

    We value individualism and hire those that stand out from their peers. We have different recruitment styles, so we manage each person differently, tailoring our rewards to the needs of each individual. We don’t restrict, we give people the freedom to be themselves, to find their own way.

  • We are <span>invested</span>

    We are invested

    We know that to grow we need to invest in people, techniques, tools and resources. It’s why we have the best infrastructure, technology, support functions and cutting-edge recruitment tools. We are also invested in our markets and relationships, doing all we can.

  • We are <span>rewarding</span>

    We are rewarding

    We reward entrepreneurial spirit, high performance, hard work and perseverance—both within and outside of our business. We love nothing more than to celebrate people’s success, as proven by our range of incentives, internal success stories and mutually-beneficial relationships.

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Having developed a worldwide network of businesses and professionals, as well as placing candidates in over fifty countries, our list of clients speaks for itself.
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